• Ultra Thin Condoms (3pc)
  • Ultra Thin Condoms (3pc)



Ultra Thin Condoms (3pc)

For on the go

"It's like wearing nothing at all"

Give your penis the most stimulating (and the safest) sex of it’s life with our Ultra Thin Condoms.

We’re all naturale, baby. Natural latex, silicon oil and cornstarch are the only 3 ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Orgasm-worthy quality. You’ll only find the very best rubber in a Steady Freddy condom. They’re all 100% electronically tested to comply with ISO 4047 standards, and your standards as well, of course.   

Super discreet. Our condoms come in a pocketable, convenient and ultra-portable pack. People won’t even know you’re packing.

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