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Ready Wipes

Personal Cleansing Wipes

You’ll never be caught out with the hygiene of a caveman again! With our Ready Wipes at hand, you can freshen up instantly - anywhere, anytime.

 Made out of 100% biodegradable sustainable bamboo
 pH balanced + hypo-allergenic
 30 x Individually-wrapped wipes

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Ready for action?

Water, glycerine, vitamin E, aloe vera, citric acid
(infused into a sustainable bamboo wipe)

Remove the wipe from its sachet and unfold it. Gently rub over any area on your body that needs freshening up!

Special areas of mention: around the head of the penis and under the foreskin, down the shaft, and don’t forget about the balls for complete freshness and protection. Repeat as necessary.

Our business is your satisfaction. So if our products just aren't cutting it for you (for whatever reason) you can request a free return and get your money back. Applies to Australian orders only.

Ready for action?
Soft as balls.

Soft as balls.

Our wipes are pH balanced and hypo-allergenic, made only of the best vegan ingredients to get rid of your funky bacteria while leaving you with that “dropping your trousers on a mountain peak” kind of freshness. 

100% biodegradable.

100% biodegradable.

Our wipes are made out of sustainable bamboo that naturally breaks down after use. They’re also toxin and dye-free, so you can throw them in the compost or green bin after you’re done.



It doesn’t matter if you pop some in your glove box, in your wallet, or in between your butt cheeks, since they’re individually packaged our wipes will always remain fresh as the day they were conceived.

Frequently asked questions

Yes - these are perfect to wipe off any excess Steady Freddy control spray.

Our Ready Wipes are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic so you'll never have to worry about irritation.

Each box contains 30 individually wrapped wipes.

Ready Wipes can be used on any external part of your body, including your butt and balls.