Applying Steady Freddy Spray is quick and easy.

Step 1: When standing lift penis so it is against your tummy pointing upwards. Hold the sides of your penis with one hand using your thumb and index finger to stabilise. This exposes the underside of the penis.

Step 2: Apply 2-3 sprays to the most sensitive parts of the penis. In most men this is the underside of the glans (head) some of the solution will run down the shaft and that is fine.

Step 3: Allow 5-10 minutes for Steady Freddy to to take effect on the target nerves. Then wipe your skin clean with whatever is available (wet wipe/water/aloe vera wipe).

Tip #1: Try different amounts of spray until you find what works for you. Most of our users only need 2 sprays to get the job done, while others need up to 6 sprays.

Tip #2: Hold the bottle at a 90-degree angle when priming the bottle and spraying on the penis. It is usually easiest to depress the button with your thumb. One hand holds the penis and the other hand keeps the bottle vertical and depresses the button with your thumb.

Tip #3: If you know sex is likely to happen within the hour, but don't want to apply just before hand, you can apply a few extra sprays so that it will last longer. Steady Freddy can last up to an hour depending on dosage. Remember to wipe off before use.

Your privacy is important to us. All items are shipped through Australia Post or similar carriers, meaning you will receive generic packaging. Until this packaging is opened and the product is removed from the bag, there will be no signs of Steady Freddy.

You are also able to request a pick up at an alternative collection point to ensure there is no chance of someone else receiving your package.

You can apply Steady Freddy to the erect or flaccid penis - apply it to the underside of the penis and any other areas that you find sensitive.

Absolutely! Steady Freddy is completely safe to use with the lube of your choice. Be sure to wait 5-10 minutes before sex to ensure the spray is effective and to wash/wipe off any excess spray before sexual activity.

Sure thing, it is totally safe for oral sex. Wait 5-10 minutes after applying the spray and then wash the product completely off. It has absorbed by then and will work as desired.

In order for Steady Freddy to be effective, it is recommended to start with 2 sprays but up to 6 sprays may be necessary.

Pro tip: You can try masturbating with 2 sprays and work your way up to find the right dosage for you.

There are at least 120 sprays in each Steady Freddy spray bottle. For most people this enables 40 to 60 sessions of intercourse.

That works out to $AUD 1.92 per use!

Depending on how many sprays you apply, Steady Freddy lasts 30-60 mins.

Steady Freddy has a two year shelf life.

The active ingredient in Steady Freddy is lidocaine (also known as lignocaine). It is the most widely used local anaesthetic in the world largely because of it's safety profile. Lidocaine works by reducing sensitivity to the skin tissue. When it’s applied to your penis, lidocaine pulls back a little on your sensitivity levels during foreplay and penetrative sex. The idea is that you build sensation and arousal steadily during sex. That's exactly why we called it Steady Freddy.

Studies of lidocaine sprays show that they work extremely well as a treatment for PE. In a 2003 study, men with PE went from an average intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IVELT) of just 84 seconds without using the spray to 11 minutes and 21 seconds when using it.

The men who used the lidocaine spray didn’t report any negative effects on their orgasm quality or sexual experience. While lidocaine spray affects your sensitivity during sex, it doesn’t overly numb your penis or reduce sexual enjoyment. So that's the key!

As well as increasing the average time to ejaculate, the lidocaine spray also improved sexual enjoyment for the men and their partners. The men involved in the study and their partners both reported a significant, consistent improvement in sexual satisfaction from the spray.

No, you don't - Steady Freddy is an OTC pharmaceutical product and Australian Registered Therepuetic Good (ARTG 350053). It is also compliant with the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) monograph.

Steady Freddy is 91% effective in prolonging ejaculation as a first line single use treatment. 9% of patients may require supplemental treatments. The doctors at Steady Freddy are happy to be contacted to guide on other treatment options in the event that you fall into the 9% of patients that get minimal benefit.

From the very first use! Each time you use Steady Freddy you will notice the improved times and lengths of sexual activity.

You are able to use Steady Freddy if you have both Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation issues.

Steady Freddy is not designed to treat Erectile Dysfunction and will only help Premature Ejaculation.

Every medication has potential side effects. From minor such as burning on application to major complications like anaphylaxis. Lidocaine is the most widely used anaesthetic globally and it's high safety profile is one of the reasons for it's popularity. If lidocaine is overused (too many sprays) excessive numbness can result and reports of loss of erection have occurred.

Steady Freddy's active ingredient is Lidocaine - the most widely-used local anaesthetic in the world.

This active ingredient is included in the spray to desensitise the penis to ensure there is slight numbing to the applied area without loss of sensation to the surrounding area.

If you have an allergy to lidocaine or any of the other listed ingredients. Please contact your local doctor if you have specific concerns or email the Steady Freddy medical team.

No medical trials have been conducted using Steady Freddy in the preganant population. We do not have enough data to make any safety claims in this population. Our recommendation is as follows - do not use this product if your partner is pregnant. If you did accidentally apply Steady Freddy wash or wipe it off completely before intercourse so there is no transference.

Steady Freddy was created over a 6 year period. The product received TGA registration in December 2020. The product was released to the control room from Bondi Beach Australia aptly on Mate day, May 8 2021. Steady Freddy is your best mate in the bedroom. The official launch date was international sex day 9th June 2021 aka 69 day.

Dr David Reiner the founder of Steady Freddy had two close friends "Ricky" and "Evan" complain to him at the pub that they "finished too quick" - they could only get away with a few thrusts before finishing. This caused them distress. They expected Dr Reiner to have an answer because he was a doctor and a friend. After a brief review of the data it was obvious that "Ricky and Evan" were not alone - Australian men are becomg increasingly insecure about sexual intercourse. Premature ejacualtion is the most common problem contributing to insecurity. Challenge accepted - Dr Reiner went to work finding a new solution to this problem. Having administered anaesthesia to over 16,000 patients he could see a clear pathway to a medical solution. He took the most widely used local anaesthetic on the market and made a unique formulation. Steady Freddy was born.

Steady Freddy is a game changer. The major medical advance is the incorpation of evaporative technology. The product is volatile and on application you will notice a cooling sensation as a component of the product vaporises, this leaves a silky smooth residue. Within minutes you will appreciate the true genius of the product - you will feel a tingling sensation and this is the reversible desensitization is taking place. In doctor speak - the mechanism of action can be explained as such - once the product is sprayed onto the underside of the penis, the volatile components of the medication evaporate. This results in super-concentration of the lidocaine - the lidocaine then rapidly diffuses down the concentration gradient through the layers of the skin to the target area - the A beta, A delta and C fibres. The sodium channels in these nerves are reversibly blocked and the action potentials taking sensory information back from the underside of the penis don't make it down the pudendal nerve. The net result is the sensory feedback loop to the brain is reversibly blocked. This is what allows more stimulation/penetration of your penis so that you can give your partner more.

We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee policy from the date we dispatch the product. Simply return the product via registered mail for a full refund less shipping fee. The Steady Freddy team are available to answer any questions or concerns you have with the product - we pride ourselves on giving our customers a good experience.

Your order should take approximately 5 to 7 business days to be dispatched and delivered.

See below for specific delivery times:
- Metro Areas of NSW & VIC: 3 to 5 business days.
- Rural Areas up to 7 business days

No, Steady Freddy can only be purchased online and from leading urologists.

Feels like an aftershave spray. You may experience one or all of the following as the solution starts producing positive results.
Cold - evaporation results in a cooling sensation to the applied area.
Burn - you may feel a slight burn. The rapid effect of the drug can be a shock to the system. Like doing 20 squats - feel the burn - enjoy the burn - know that benefits will follow, this drug is not a placebo and you will know this within minutes. Think minimum burn, maximum penetration! Stinging especially if the area has recently been groomed. This is simply due to alcohol being one of the ingredients in the solution, microcuts sting when alcohol is applied and the alcohol has a mild antibacterial effect - we haven't heard any partner complain about their partners being too clean down below!

ARTG is short for the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). It is the reference database of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and provides information on therapeutic goods that can be supplied in Australia. Our ARTG number for the spray is 350053

Feel free to get in touch with us at or 1300 152 262.