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You’ve probably heard the saying “you are what you eat”, but our version is even more true - “you f#ck how you eat”, meaning the best way to supercharge your libido is through your diet. Junk food, like pizza for example, is linked to low testosterone levels, obesity and blood pressure issues which can decrease a person’s libido. So, that’s right, Domino’s can mess around with your sexual appetite.

Bringing it back to premature ejaculation, by adjusting what you eat, you can address some of the root causes like chemical imbalances in the brain and high stress levels to both increase your sex drive and overall confidence in bed.

Alright, enough foreplay, let’s get into our ultimate guide to the superfoods that will spice up your performance in the bedroom and Steady your Freddy.

1. Carrots

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

Carrots are not only great for eyesight and skin, but they’re like little dumbbells for your penis - full of carotenoids and flavonoids that strengthen the muscles of the penis, allowing you to have better control over your erections. Get that penis pump on!




2. Honey

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

Honey kind of sounds like horny and that is no mistake, gents! Honey is considered an aphrodisiac because it contains the mineral ‘boron’ which helps the body increase nitric oxide production released during arousal which leads to stronger erections and higher libido. Winnie the Pooh knew what was up.



3. Ginger

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

Ginger root is not only a delicious addition to juices, teas and many Asian cuisines, but it’s also a delicious addition to your penis health through its ability to heat up the body and increase blood circulation to your package. Ginger root can also better your roots through helping you maintain an erection and give you greater control of when you ejaculate.



4. Avocados

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

Named the ‘The Testicle Tree’ by those randy Aztecs, Avocados were named after our love nuts for good reason. They’re loaded with minerals, vitamin B6 and omega-3 fatty acids that help to increase your energy and up your sex drive so get smashin’.




5. Watermelon

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

Not only does watermelon help with L-arginine production, which scientists have confirmed helps with premature ejaculation, but it contains a phytonutrient called citrulline that relaxes your blood vessels like a natural libido-booster. So, next time you’re in the bedroom, make sure to get your watermelon sugar high 🍉💦.



6. Spinach

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

Spinach is boss for a few reasons. First - scientists have shown that men who ejaculate quicker are low in magnesium, and guess what has magnesium in spades? Spinach, baby.
Second - spinach is rich in folate, and folic acid increases blood flow, meaning you getting more erections and you maintain them for longer.



7. Garlic

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

Garlic, while stinky on the breath, is kinky during sex. Consuming garlic can elongate the duration of erections and stops premature ejaculation through it’s blood-thinning properties that improve circulation.  Just remember to have a mint afterwards!




8. Bananas

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

Behind it’s cock-like shape, bananas have a serious bedroom ap-peel.
Bananas contain an enzyme called bromelain which increases libido, as well as lots of potassium, which helps maintain the level of sodium in your blood to keep blood pressure regulated.






9. Asparagus

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

More than making your pee smelly, asparagus contains lots of Vitamin A which helps in regulating testosterone. It also contains Vitamin C which increases blood flow to the penis, increases sperm count and just generally makes you more of a well being.




10. Dark Chocolate

Top 10 Foods To Supercharge Your Bedroom Performance

Legend has it that the Aztec emperor Moctezuma (c. 1466-1520) consumed large amounts of chocolate before visiting his harem as he considered it to be a potent aphrodisiac.
Turns out, that crazy guy might’ve been onto something. Eating dark chocolate produces endorphins and contains the amino acid L-arginine which is known to increase blood flow to your naughty bits. Eating the stuff can also help manage premature ejaculation as it produces endorphins which reduce anxiety and stress levels.

So next time you’re off to your harem, stock up on the dark chocky.

So don’t wait now, work some of these tasty wonders into your diet and see if they make an improvement. Bon appetit. 

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